An Idea is Born

Founder Valerie Haines launched Nanna's Farm Beauty Products in 2002. With background both in farming and pharmaceuticals and a natural passion for helping others Valerie's business quickly grew gaining notoriety within her home state of Tasmania and around the world. 

Valerie Haines is from a long line of proudly Tasmanian farmers. Growing up, Valerie was surrounded by the many healing properties of the land and the natural remedies used for many different ailments. 

Valerie's long line of farming heritage and respect for the land fostered an understanding of nature. This valuable knowledge helped Valerie create many healing creams for her family and the people that so devotedly loved and worked the land. 

Valerie also went to work as a pharmaceutical assistant learning valuable skills in the mixing of ointments the ingredients use. It was this experience which evolved into a skill of both the land and chemistry that led her to thinking of new and innovative combination with the natural remedies Valerie had already known. These skills combined to what was to become one of the most natural healing and rejuvenating creams known around the world for their natural healing and purity of ingredients. 

                  Valerie customers where claiming one of her creams as "The Green Miracle Cream" known as PSORCREAM 


Testimonial of client

After years of going to doctors, naturopaths and others all claiming to provide relief from the painful, itching and embarrassing outbreaks associated with Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema this innovative natural product actually worked! 

This cream will reduce and in most cases heal the skin symptoms associated with Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema.  This has been backed by hundreds of Valerie's thankful client testimonials from Australia and around the world. 

Also Valerie makes beautiful hand creams for Curringa Farm with 100% natural ingredients! 
Another achievement to be added to Valerie's list of successful products, insight and innovation into healing, creating a fast healing cream for Mud River Fever ( Greasy Heel) in horses backed by the testimonial of Paul Williams top horse trainer in Tasmania and Australia another trainer Charlie Goggin has been added to the list of Valerie clients who will back her cream and its powerful healing qualities.  Nanna is taking the world by storm with her innovative natural ingredients recipes. Her outstanding performance in healing humans and animals cannot be underestimated by facts that she has achieved  outstanding results.Her acheivments are an accolade to her work, so much so that they call Nanna a genius.