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Our hand creams contains silk powder which absorbs moisture from the air to keep the skin moist and supple, as well as being soft, like butterfly wings on your skin, silk reflects light with 200 micron mesh, tiny little diamonds, it has a natural UV protection. You never see a sunburnt butterfly, Butterfly wings act in the same way. The silk cocoon has to protect the pupae from all the elements the earth can throw at it, thus protecting your skin.


The fine 200 micron mesh powder is placed in our hand creams to give you the best results for all day protection, soothing the skin and keeping it moist with an added benefit of being silky soft.


This luxurious cream is also enriched with  flower essences of  Frangipani pure essential oils that lift the senses, The enriched hand cream will quickly absorb into the skin, does not leave any oily residue like most hand creams, reduces redness, soothes and moisturizes stressed hands. Included is Tasmanian ingredients of olive oil, Leatherwood Honey, Tasmanian beeswax, grapeseed oil, which also helps to re-hydrate, soothe and restore.