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PSORCREAM - (pronounced sore cream) contains olive oil, pure silk powder,essential oils of Pine, all natural ingredients.


Silk powder is produced from high quality cocoons from the silkworm using sophisticated technology in order to retain properties of  32 kinds of amino acids and trace elements, essential for healing the human body.


Silk powder serves as an ideal protein enricher for high quality creams. it is in the for of a yellow powder of a 200 micron mesh. This glistens like tiny diamonds (nano Technology in a natural form) that gives a luminous effect to the skin and an even tone with no blemishes. It is soluble and well distributed into the skin to hold moisture and prevent dryness.


It has a crystalline structure that reflects light and UV radiation.


It also has antibacterial properties and improves elasticity.


Diminishes redness of the skin and prevents itching and cracking.


It makes sense because the little worm has to be protected from all the elements the earth can throw at it.


Therefore protecting your skin and healing fast.


Silk carries all the other products in our cream deeper into the epidermis because of the fine micron mesh which absorbs the pure essential oils used in our product as well as the Tasmanian olive oil rich in antioxidants.



Benefits of the product.

1.  Regenerates and renews healthy skin cells.

2.  Provides intensive long lasting moisture to your skin.

3.  Does not dry out.

4.  No more flaking.

5.  Prevents eczema, dermatitis flare ups.

6.  May be used on face.

7.  Relieves redness.

8.  Non greasy composition, soothing.

9.  Safe for children with delicate and sensitive skin.

10. Prevents fast cell production in Psoriasis.