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Our night cream is 100% organic in nature, it is extremely rich in amino acids.

We use silk. The silk comes from the cocoon of the silk worm and is ground

down to a fine micron mesh of 200 and place is placed into our creams.

The product is similar to the fine powder that is on butterfly wings, it is like tiny

diamonds that protect the skin from all the elements the earth can throw at it , thus

protecting your face. "You never see a sunburnt butterfly, because the butterfly wings

act as a natural UV protection in nature".

Silk absorbs moisture from the air. The silk cocoon has to keep the pupae moist inside

so it does not dry out, therefore  keeps your skin moist, supple and soft.

As well as silk we us Tasmanian olive oil rich in antioxidants, Manuka honey, beeswax

Organic Shea butter and grapeseed oil.

For best results place small amount on face after cleansing while skin is still damp.

Non fragrant, suitable for sensitive skin.