Nanna's Farm Beauty Product ( Greasy    Heel Cream) is now becoming Internationally  recognized as the ultimate cream for healing greasy heel with clients in England, Italy, Mexico, Malta and America.

"I have never seen a cream like it, within 4 days the wound had healed over and was completely gone within 7 days. I am amazed at the results!".

Paul Williams    - Horse Trainer Tasmania, Australia 

Hi Valerie,
I am home and picked up my girl last night. When I saw her, I was really disappointed because there was a HUGE number of scabs on her legs, but after I treated, she has bugger all left! They were so loose on her legs they just came off rubbing the cream in (I think the people looking after her were just slathering it on, but not rubbing it in, so just the light rubbing had them fall off). It's getting exciting now, I've attached some photos, but because she's getting so much hair regrowth now, you can't really see where the remaining scabs are very much, HUGE improvement!
Once again, thanks so much for your product, it has worked wonders.
Jo Sheenan
Abermain NSW 

Hello Valerie,

As for the product it seems to be working fine. It is the only cream that I have used which really works. I am into my second week of treatment and fifty per cent of the infection is gone. It does not irritate the skin and the pony seems happy with this. There is a heavy crust now in the parts which are left and the swelling has reduced a lot.

Will keep you updated in a couple of weeks time. I hope that by then the infection will be cured.


Ray Cassar
 Marsaxlokk Malta

Betty and Don Knight Brighton - Tasmania have also seen the results of this product and are recommending it to all their friends in the horse industry.

Highly recommened by Charlie Goggin
Tasmanian trainer.

And yet another Senior Manager for Peter Snowden - (Allan Crane), Warick Farm who says "great product Nanna, it is best product I have come across in years!"

You will not be disappointed !