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As seen in Wikipedia.  Greasy Heel Cream - A cream to treat Mud Fever, Rain Scald & Skin conditions in horses.  A University of Sydney Clinic of Veterinary Science clinical trial showed a cure rate of 65% within seven (7) days of use compared with testing against controlled traditional Ketconazole anti fungal which showed a 18% cure rate in the same trials.

 "Great product Nanna!  It is the best product I have come across in years!"
Peter Snowden
Senior Manager
Warwick Farm

"We had tried many products over the years without a great deal of success until we tried Nannas Greasy Heel Cream. We found that that this product was the best answer for soothing the Clydesdales issues with the continuous washing."

Glen  Pate


Carlton Brewery Clydesdale Division

"I have never seen a cream like it, within 4 days the wound had healed over and was completely gone within 7 days. I am amazed at the results!".
Paul Williams    - Horse Trainer Tasmania, Australia 
"This is fantastic stuff. I always have this in my mud fever greasy heel arsenal."
Debbie Grull
Tasmanian Equine Endurance Riders
"It's getting exciting now, I've attached some photos, but because she's getting so much hair regrowth now, you can't really see where the remaining scabs are very much, HUGE improvement!"
Once again, thanks so much for your product, it has worked wonders.

Abermain NSW 

"Hello Valerie,

It is the only cream that I have used which really works! I am into my second week of treatment and fifty per cent of the infection is gone. It does not irritate the skin and the pony seems happy with this. There is a heavy crust now in the parts which are left and the swelling has reduced a lot."

Ray Cassar
Marsaxlokk Malta

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