Our foot cream contains Tasmanian Manuka Honey and is Lanolin enriched. An intense treatment for feet.


Included is silk powder from the cocoon of the silk worm  ground down to a fine micron mesh and placed into our creams.

Silk contains 32 amino acids which are proteins to keep your feet in perfect condition as well as healing .

Silk absorbs moisture from the air, so skin stays soft and supple with a boost of peppermint oil gathered from Tasmania .


DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount to your feet at night.

You may place socks over the top if desired.

The cream leaves your feet feeling cool and invigorating.

Takes away the dry feet feel straight away.


You may use the cream during the day if you wish.

Just place on feet and finish with a soft cloth gives an excellent 

result, you will be amazed.

FOOT CREAM for dry cracked feet.