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We add Silk Powder from the cocoon of the silk worm .
Our Silk from the cocoon reflects light ( natural UV) protects your skin from all the elements the earth can throw at it.
You never see a sunburnt butterfly, reason being the tiny microns of 200 reflect light thus protecting from the sun. Also silk absorbs moisture from the air keeping your skin moist all day. 
A living organism on your skin, silky smooth and soft.
Manuka honey   obtained right here in Tasmanian, (  the little green Island ) this  is added for healing and soothing dry cracked hands and skin. 
We also use natural essential oils for healing  in all our products  for different skin conditions. 
Packaged in environmentally tins. 
Aluminium tins are  excellent for the enviroment and used because they have antimicrobial  properties.
Protect against ( E.Coli) and Staphylococus Aures ( S. Aures).

Itch Relief with pure silk. GST added on checkout.

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