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100% natural containing MANUKA HONEY and is packed  with Vit B, C and live enzymes.


Also it oxygenates pores drastically improving T-Zone areas.


Silk comes from the cocoon of the silk worm, it is ground down to a fine micron mesh and placed into our creams.

Due to the nature of silk the skin is protected from all the elements the earth can throw at it including the sun.  The tiny microns have a sun reflective agent which acts like butterfly wings.

The simplest way to describe this is, that butterflys have the same  silk powder  on their wings. You never see a sunburnt butterfly, the same can be said  for the cocoon of the silk moth. It protects the baby moth from all the elements.

The tiny worm does not get burnt as well  as keeping the worm moist therefore the silk performs for our face and body.

Silk absorbs during the night as well as day keeping your skin naturally soft and silky.

Manuka Honey is anti-bacterial helps keeping your skin plump and in peak healthy


We all know the benefits of Manuka Honey! a world renouned product also included in our creams.

Use our cream sparingly on just cleansed and slightly damp skin. *Silk powder is produced from silkworm cocoons. Scientific studies shows that the silk powder contains a fine micron mesh with providing deeper epidermis absorption.

A 100% natural, rich, non greasy cream.

Great for sensitive skin..   

  • Moisturizing
  • Rich in amino acids


Instructions: For best results place small amount on face after cleansing while skin is still damp.


Ingredients :  Silk powder, Tasmanian olive oil  and beeswax.


IMPORTANT: All Nanna’s Farm Beauty Products (NFBP) are for external use only 

Manuka Face Cream with pure silk 100ml. GST added on checkout.

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